There have been some very lively discussions recently around reports from two randomized clinical trials that found no significant benefit associated with the use of vertebroplasty versus placebo among patients with osteoporosis-induced vertebral fractures.  These findings raise many importnant clinical questions - some of which have even found their way into the current healthcare reform debate.

These are valid and important questions, of course - and the medical community and patients and their loved ones will continue to talk through these important issues.  But that is not the focus of this post. 

The point of this post is to highlight the reminder behind the headlines, and that is, the importance of randomized clinical trials.  Randomized clinical trials are scientifically designed studies that aim to rigorously address the question of whether a new drug, procedure, or other intervention actually improves patient outcomes.  While no clinical trial can provide absolute answers for any given individual, they continue to be critically important tools to determine when and how to utilize new medical interventions to optimum benefit and the best clinical outcomes.  ~ Dr. Tina

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